Constituent Process in Chile

On November 15, 2019, against the backdrop of social demonstrations that had been taking place during the previous weeks, a social and political milestone occurred: the majority of the political forces represented in the Chilean National Congress reached a broad consensus. They agreed that in April 2020 the option of replacing our current Political Constitution of the Republic (whose origin dates back to 1980) with a new constitution would be submitted to a referendum. If the option approving a new constitution prevails, a convention (mixed or constituent) entirely composed of members that will be democratically elected will be entrusted with drafting it. This convention will have a term of approximately one year (9 months, extendable for an additional 3 months) to draft a new constitution, whose text will be ultimately submitted again for approval or rejection in a referendum with a compulsory vote.

Once its entrusted assignment ends, the constitutional convention will be dissolved and its members will be ineligible to hold publicly elected offices for one year.

This agreement reflects an important effort by the political forces to address and channel the citizens’ social demands, following an institutional path under currently valid rules.

Below you will find information concerning this process (the “Constituent Process”) that may be useful.