The Constituent Process in Chile

On October 25, 2020, the option of replacing the Political Constitution of the Republic of Chile -which dates back to 1980- with a new Magna Carta was approved in a referendum. Since July 2021, the 154 members of the Constituent Convention have been working on a proposal, which will be voted in a mandatory plebiscite on September 4, 2022. On this site you can find information related to the Constituent Process that may be useful to you.


Latest developments

Article 5, Councils for Basins

The State shall promote and protect the communal management of running water and sewage, especially in rural and extreme-zone areas and territories, pursuant to law.

Article 9

The territorial sea and beaches are inappropriable natural communal assets.

Article 11

The State guarantees the protection of glaciers and their surroundings, including permafrost and their eco-systemic functions.

Article 12

The Chilean Antarctic territory, including its maritime space, is a special territory and border area in which Chile exercises, respectively, sovereignty and sovereign rights, with …

Article 15

The ecological system and planning strategy of the territory shall prioritize the protection of the higher areas of the basin, glaciers and natural recharge areas …

Article 18

The State guarantees the right of farmers and native peoples to the free use and exchange of traditional seeds.

Article 21

Everyone is entitled to a vital minimum of energy [sic] that is both affordable and safe. It is the duty of the State to ensure an …

Article 24

Glaciers and protected areas shall be excluded from any mining activity, as will be the case of those set forth by law on account of …