The Constituent Process in Chile

On October 25, 2020, the option of replacing the Political Constitution of the Republic of Chile -which dates back to 1980- with a new Magna Carta was approved in a referendum. Since July 2021, the 154 members of the Constitutional Convention worked on a Proposal for a New Constitution, which was submitted to a mandatory plebiscite voted on September 4th, 2022, being rejected such Proposal by 61.86% of the votes validly cast.

Nevertheless, the Chilean political parties declared their intention to continue with the Chilean constitutional process, with the purpose of preparing a new Proposal for a New Constitution with popular support. The political parties are currently reviewing the mechanisms to continue with said constitutional process.

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Proposed Draft

This sub-section details the rules that have been approved in particular by the Plenary of the Constitutional Convention, and which will therefore form part of the Draft New Constitution. The final drafting of these norms is subject to the work of the Harmonization Commission. For a better visualization, the norms are organized by Thematic Committee:

Latest developments

Article 9

The territorial sea and beaches are inappropriable natural communal assets.

Article 11

The State guarantees the protection of glaciers and their surroundings, including permafrost and their eco-systemic…

Article 12

The Chilean Antarctic territory, including its maritime space, is a special territory and border area…

Article 15

The ecological system and planning strategy of the territory shall prioritize the protection of the…

Article 18

The State guarantees the right of farmers and native peoples to the free use and…

Article 21

Everyone is entitled to a vital minimum of energy [sic] that is both affordable and…

Article 24

Glaciers and protected areas shall be excluded from any mining activity, as will be the…