Technical Committee on Admissibility


The Technical Committee on Admissibility is a parity body, composed of 14 members, which is in charge of resolving the petitions filed against those proposed rules approved by the plenary of the Constitutional Council or by the Expert Commission, which contravene the provisions of Article 154 (substantive definitions).

Candidates for the Technical Committee on Admissibility must satisfy the following requirements to be elected as a member:

  • be a citizen with the right to vote;
  • have a law degree, with at least 12 years of experience in the public or private sector, and;
  • Prove an outstanding judicial, professional and/or academic career.

The members of the Committee were designated on January 26th, 2023, from 1 single list proposed by the Chamber of Deputies and approved by both branches of the National Congress with 4/7 of its members in office. As a result, the National Congress approved the following members of the Technical Committee on Admissibility:

  1. Viviana Ponce de León.
  2. Julia Urquieta.
  3. Marcos Contreras.
  4. Claudio Grossman. 
  5. Estefanía Esparza.
  6. Juan Carlos Ferrada.
  7. Tomás Jordán.
  8. Víctor Manuel Avilés.
  9. Marisol Peña.
  10. Héctor Antonio Mery.
  11. Cecilia Flores.
  12. Ana María García.
  13. Josefina Soto.
  14. Enrique García.

It is important to mention that the members of the Technical Committee on Admissibility were designated by the National Congress proportionally to the representation of different political forces existing within the Legislative Branch. Thus, the Committee is composed of 7 members nominated by center-right parties and 7 members proposed by center-left ones, which means that said body is politically balanced, with no majority of any sector.


The Committee was installed on 6 March 2023 and the following Board of Directors was elected:

  • President: Ana María García (independent in EVOPOLI quota).
  • Vice-Chairperson: Claudio Grossman (independent in PPD quota).