Agreement for Social Peace and the New Constitution (translation)

In light of the country’s serious political and social crisis, in consideration of the mobilization of citizens, and His Excellency President Sebastián Piñera’s call to action, the parties that sign hereinbelow have agreed to an institutional solution, the purpose of which is to seek peace and social justice through an unobjectionable democratic procedure.

  1. The parties executing this agreement hereby guarantee their commitment to restoring peace and public order in Chile and the full respect of human rights and the democratic institutional framework currently in force.
  2. A Referendum will be held in April 2020 to resolve two questions:

    a) Do you want a New Constitution? Approve or Reject.
    b) What type of body should draft the New Constitution? Mixed Constitutional Convention or Constitutional Convention.
  3. The Mixed Constitutional Convention shall be composed of, in equal parts, citizens elected for such purpose and congresspersons in office.
  4. In the case of the Constitutional Convention, it shall be entirely composed of citizens specifically elected to that end. The election of members for either alternative shall be held in October 2020, jointly with the regional and municipal elections, by a universal vote subject to the same election system applicable to deputies’ elections, in the relevant proportion.
  5. The constituent body that is ultimately elected by the citizens shall have the sole purpose of drafting the new Constitution and shall not affect the competencies and powers of the State’s other bodies and branches. This body shall be dissolved once the entrusted assignment is fulfilled. Additionally, the constituent body cannot change the quorums or modify the procedures established for its operation and adoption of its agreements and decisions.
  6. The constituent body shall approve the provisions and the regulations for voting on such provisions by a quorum of 2/3 of its members in office.
  7. The New Constitution will govern as of its enactment and publication, and the current Constitution will be organically repealed.
  8. Once the New Constitution is drafted by the constituent body, it will be submitted to a ratifying referendum with a compulsory and universal vote.
  9. Persons that are currently public officials or hold a popularly elected office shall cease to hold their office by operation of law (immediately) upon the moment their candidacy to the constituent body is accepted by the Electoral Bureau. No member of the convention can be a candidate for a popularly elected office for one year following the termination of his or her post in the constituent body.
  10. The parties executing this agreement will appoint a Technical Commission to define such matters that are indispensable for implementing the foregoing. This Commission will be composed of, in equal parts, members chosen by the ruling and the opposition parties.
  11. The constituent body shall operate for a term of up to 9 months, extendable one time for 3 additional months. A ratifying referendum shall be held 60 days following the presentation of the text of the New Constitution by the constituent body, by means of a compulsory and universal vote. In no event may the referendum be held 60 days prior to or after a popular election.
  12. The bill or bills of constitutional reforms and/or legal amendments arising from this Agreement shall be submitted for approval by the National Congress as a whole. With respect to that vote, the undersigned parties commit their approval thereof.