Article 9, Role of the State in research development

It is the duty of the State to stimulate, foster, and strengthen the development of scientific and technological research in every area of knowledge, thus contributing to the socio-cultural enrichment of the country, and to the betterment of the living conditions of its inhabitants.

The State shall generate the conditions necessary for the development of transdisciplinary scientific research in matters relevant for the protection of the population’s quality of life and the eco-systemic equilibrium, as well as for a permanent monitoring of the environmental and sanitary risks that affect the health of the communities and the country’s eco-systems, in both cases done in an independent and decentralised manner.

The creation and coordination of instrumentalities that meet the objectives set forth in the above paragraph, their collaboration with public and private research with territorial pertinence, as well as their characteristics, operation, and other aspects, shall [all] be determined by law.