Article 8, paragraphs 1 to 5, Municipal Council

the Municipal Council is the chartered administrative body of popular and neighbour representation, invested with regulatory, resolutive and inspecting powers, in compliance with the law and the Constitution.

The Municipal Council will be composed of a number of individuals determined by the law, in proportion of the Borough’s population, and in accordance with the inclusion, gender equality and reserved seats for Indigenous people and nations criteria, considering their population to be within the pertinent electoral authority.

The election of the council men and council women will be through universal, direct, and secret vote, in compliance with the law.

Council members shall serve for a term of four years, and may be re-elected one consecutive term only. For these purposes, it shall be understood that council members have held office for one term when they have served more than half of his or her term.

Law and the municipal statute shall determine the rules on the Council’s organization and operation. Agreement of the Council shall be required for the approval of the municipal development plan, the municipal budget, and the respective investment projects, as well as others determined by law.