Article 4, paragraphs 1 to 4, Right to housing

1. Everyone is entitled to decent and suitable housing that enables to freely conduct personal, family, and community life.

2. The State shall take all necessary measures to ensure the universal and timely enjoyment of this right, considering at least habitability, space, and sufficient equipment, both in the household and for the community, for the production and reproduction of life, availability of services, affordability, accessibility, suitable location, security of tenure, and cultural appropriateness of housing, pursuant to law.

3. The State shall participate in the design, construction, rehabilitation, conservation, and innovation of housing.

4. In designing housing policy, the State shall especially consider lower-income individuals, or those belonging to groups whose rights have been particularly violated.

The State shall guarantee the creation of shelter homes for cases of gender-based violence and other forms of violation of rights, as set forth by law.

The State shall manage the Integrated System of Public Lands. The latter shall have the authorities to render priority of use, management and disposal of fiscal lands for purposes of social interest, as well as to acquire private land, pursuant to law.

The State shall guarantee the availability of land necessary to provide decent and suitable housing. It shall also establish mechanisms to prevent speculation in matters of land and housing that may go against public interest, pursuant to law.