Article 14

The following cannot run for Deputy or regional representative:

1. The President of the Republic or whomever replaces him/her in the exercise of the Presidency at the time of election;

2. State Ministers and Undersecretaries;

3. Regional and municipal authorities elected by vote;

4. Board members of the Central Bank and the Electoral Council;

5. Top tier officials of autonomous instrumentalities;

6. Individuals exercising the jurisdiction of the Justice Systems;

7. The members of the Election Certification Tribunal and of the electoral boards;

8. The Comptroller General of the Republic;

9. The National Prosecutor, regional prosecutors, or special prosecutors of the Public Prosecutor’s Office;

10. Officials in active service;

11. Individuals or administrators of bodies corporate that enter into or guarantee contracts with the State; and

12. Military men and women in active service.

The prohibitions [inhabilidades] set forth in this article shall be applicable to those who had boasted or held the foregoing capacities or posts within the year immediately preceding the election, except for individuals listed in No. 11, who cannot evidence any of those conditions at the time of enrolling their candidacy, as well as those set forth in Nos. 9, 10, and 12, with regard to which the term of prohibition will include the two (2) years immediately preceding the election.